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European Lakes and Wetlands of the Living Lakes Network

Twenty-two lakes and wetlands in Europe are now part of the Living Lakes Network, working collaboratively for the conservation of these aquatic ecosystems and their biodiversity.


Holstein Switzerland

Kolindsund Wetlands

Labanoras Wetlands

Lake Balaton

Lake Chiemsee

Lake Constance

Lake Eğirdir

Lake Peipsi

Lake Steinhude

Lake Trasimeno

Lake Võrtsjärv

Lusatian Lakeland

Milicz Ponds

Nestos Delta

Norfolk & Suffolk Broads

Upper Swabia Lakes

Lake District

La Mancha Wetlands

Tierra de Campos Wetlands

Albufera Lake

Lake Sapanca

Lake Uluabat

National Networks

Living Lakes Network Germany

Living Lakes Network Italy

European Living Lakes Association (ELLA)

Saving the Lakes and Wetlands of Europe

The protection and restoration of European lakes and wetlands as essential elements of the biosphere is imperative, but also a considerable challenge.

To achieve the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, involvement of the organisations and institutions is crucial.

Following years of join project work, ten NGOs of seven countries started the EU LIFE funded project ELLA – European Living Lakes Association, in May 2022, leading to the establishment of ELLA as registered nonprofit association.


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