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Living Lakes Network

We save the lakes of the world!

The Living Lakes Network is an international partnership of 130 members working in more than 60 countries to protect and restore lakes and wetlands around the world. For over 20 years, the Network has engaged with NGOs, governments, indigenous peoples and local communities to conserve critical habitats, strengthen sustainable livelihoods and educate on the benefits provided by lakes and wetlands.

Our Mission

Living Lakes is an international network and partnership of small and medium sized grass root organisations whose mission is to enhance the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of lakes, wetlands, other freshwater bodies of the world and their catchment areas.

Our Vision

Lakes, wetlands, and freshwater bodies worldwide shall be healthy ecosystems, preserved and where necessary, sustainably used to safeguard indispensable ecosystem services for future generations.


Living Lakes Objetives

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Conserving biodiversity of wetlands, lakes and lake regions as well as the ecosystem services provided by lakes and wetlands for humanity.

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Preservation of freshwater and saline water resources including ground water bodies, lake and wetland ecosystems.

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Restoring degraded and disappearing wetland and lake ecosystems.

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Improving the quality of life for local communities.

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Developing towards a sustainable use and development of wetland ecosystems.

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Promoting the use of applied sciences and technologies for the conservation of these ecosystems.

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Supporting educational programmes and cooperation with local communities towards the conservation of these ecosystems and related biodiversity.

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Disseminating information and increasing awareness regarding the multiple values of these ecosystems.

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> Living Lakes Agenda <

Developing the Living Lakes Network

• Extend the network with lake and wetland areas represented by active partner organisations from all over the world.

• Improve the quality of networking by means of digitalisation, innovative participatory approaches and training for partners. Foster south-south cooperation without disregarding the importance of south–north dialogues.

• Strengthen the cooperation with local authorities in lake regions and create a structure for exchange and the elaboration of joint projects.

• Promote the International Conventions with relevance for the protection of lakes and wetlands and support the achievement of their objectives.

Excellence and Innovation in Common Projects

• Initiate ambitious projects on conservation and sustainable development of lake regions.


• Focus on the protection of ecosystem services of lakes and wetlands and underline the importance of lakes as hotspots for biodiversity.


• Foster and mainstream the involvement of the business sector in strategies and projects for the protection of lakes and wetlands and related biodiversity.

Transfer of Knowledge and Technologies

• Promote activities and exchange on climate mitigation and adaptation in lake regions and beyond.


• Mainstream effective and affordable wastewater treatment systems and undertake other measures to improve water quality of wetlands and lakes.


• Foster the communication on successful measures for habitat management and restoration, education and community development.


• Foster communication of measures towards sustainable agriculture and fishery and for sustainable development of tourism.


• Intensify the focus on applied science, participatory monitoring, and participatory lake stewardship.

• Intensify the involvement of youth in all dimensions: capacity building, project planning, realization, and policy.

Goals & Achievements

2019 – 2024

2012 – 2017

2005 – 2010

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