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ELLA Activities

The European Living Lakes Association (ELLA) carries out a series of activities through its partners in different countries to address common challenges to protect Europe’s lakes and wetlands.

1. Anchoring the protection of lakes and wetlands, their biodiversity and ecosystem services

ELLA organizes regular online workshops and webinars on pressing topics for lake protection, such as restoration measures, microplastics pollution, sustainable agriculture and carbon sequestration potential of wetlands, contributing to the capacity building of other organizations.

2. Implementing demostration and models projects in particular based in nature solutions

Active in several countries, ELLA carries out awareness-raising and dissemination events to engage stakeholders and the civil society in lake conservation actions and to build a bridge between them and scientific institutions.

3. Developing statements and position papers to improve political and legal framework

Maintaining a close contact with authorities and developing position papers on pressing topics, such as ecosystem restoration and transboundary water governance, ELLA advocates for a more effective policy-making in lake and wetland management.

4. Promoting exchange and cooperation between the different stakeholder groups

ELLA acts as a platform for the exchange of information and best practices between environmental NGOs and other actors, participating in conferences, sharing studies and developing joint projects for the protection of lakes and wetlands.

5. Fostering collaboration with the business sector in lake and wetland regions

Using tools such as the Biodiversity Check, ELLA collaborates with companies to identify their impacts on lakes and wetlands and to develop possible strategies to compensate them, mainstreaming sustainability and biodiversity protection in value chains and production processes.

6. Generating and sharing knowledge and publicity to improve protection of lakes and wetlands

ELLA develops strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change, focusing on the carbon sequestration potential of wetlands, particularly marshes and peatlands, and water footprint compensation through wetland restoration measures.

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