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YOU AND YOUR ORGANISATION are set up by people passionate about lakes and wetlands.

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to share your experience and wish to connect with a worldwide family of lake and wetland organisations.

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your lake or wetland in the international Living Lakes Network.


The Living Lakes Network was founded 1998 by the Global Nature Fund, an international foundation for Nature and Environment, based at the shores of Lake Constance in Southern Germany. Today, the Living Lakes Network is an international partnership of 130 member organisations in over 60 countries, representing hundreds of lakes and wetlands.

Your commitment when joining the network:

· Agree with the Living Lakes vision and mission.

· Deliver short annual reports about your wetland activities.

· Seek active co-operation with other Living Lakes partners and associates.

· Share experiences, news, knowledge and views with the network partners.

· Contribute towards the successful achievement of the Living Lakes mission and vision by fostering exchange of knowledge between people.

· Support and promote environmental education and the better understanding and awareness of the protection of lake and wetland areas.

What can members benefit when joining the Living Lakes Network?

· Become part of a global initiative.

· Get more visibility and acknowledgement on local and national level.

· Gain access to the Living Lakes Conferences and other events and activities

· Use the Living Lakes Network as a reference regarding the standard/quality of own activities.

· Gain new experiences and knowledge from a global level.

· Contribute to the development of the networks work plans.

· Participate in joint project activities.

· Make friends in over 60 countries worldwide.

If your organisation works in Europe: Become member of the European Living Lakes Association.

If your organisation works in Canada: Become member of Living Lakes Canada.

If your organisation works in Germany: Become member of the Network Living Lakes Germany.

Members of Living Lakes regional and national networks are considered as members of the international Living Lakes network and represented by the respective coordinator.

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