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ELLA Objetives

The partners of the European Living Lakes Association (ELLA) work with common objectives that allow them to join forces and generate joint work spaces.


Conservation, management and restoration of Europe’s lakes and wetlands

Lakes and wetlands are among the most threatened ecosystems in the world and and are crucial both for halting climate change and biodiversity loss. However, the majority of freshwater bodies in Europe are not in a good ecological status. ELLA has built a strong cooperation between several European organizations to foster the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of lakes and wetlands, to protect their biodiversity and to safeguard natural resources and ecosystem services.


Promoting wetlands science and research

Working closely with scientific institutions from different regions of Europe, ELLA relies on the most current research findings to develop integrative approaches, such as nature-based solutions, for a better management of lakes and wetlands. The work of ELLA also focuses on a suitable communication of scientific information to the broader public and the promotion of citizen science initiatives.


Promoting rural development and sustainable agriculture in wetland environments

To reduce ecological threats and pressures on freshwater ecosystems, a central objective of ELLA is to support sustainable economic development in lake regions.This is achieved through the collaboration with the agricultural, tourism and fishing sectors to ensure that environmentally friendly practices are being implemented. In this way, resources are not depleted and biodiversity is protected.


Improving development cooperation

An intense exchange and strong partnership between regions and countries is crucial to reach a healthy state of lakes and wetlands. ELLA aims to improve the transboundary development cooperation and to apply a multisector approach to lake conservation, informing companies, raising awareness among civil society, and advocating for better regulations and political frameworks.

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