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About ELLA

Anchoring the protection of lakes and wetlands, their biodiversity and ecosystem services

> Making Europe’s Lakes and Wetlands Visible

One of ELLA’s main aims is to promote the importance of lakes and wetlands, as well as the ecosystem services they provide and the biodiversity they host. Since the founding of the association, the member organizations of ELLA have participated in several dissemination and awareness-raising events to encourage this objective in their respective countries and beyond. These events include the Ramsar COP14 in Switzerland, the 11th Shallow Lakes Conference in Estonia, the 19th World Lake Conference in Hungary, the UK & Ireland Lakes Network Conference in Scotland and the 16th Living Lakes Conference in Peru, among others. ELLA will continue to participate and organize events of this type in order to reach as many people as possible, with civil society and decision makers as main targets.

> Transferring Knowledge and Developing Capacities

Another central aspect of fostering conservation and restoration initiatives in freshwater ecosystems is the transfer of knowledge, which ELLA has supported by organizing online workshops and webinars for other NGOs. With the contribution of experts in the fields of lake and wetland protection, water management and sustainable agriculture, ELLA in has offered a number of webinars in the last years:

· Shallow Lake Management

· Wetland Restoration

· Microplastics in Lakes

· Business & Biodiversity

· Lakes and Climate Change in Europe

· Lake Restoration Worldwide

· Wetlands as Carbon Sinks

· Scientific and Applied Information Sources

· Water Footprint & Wetland Restoration

If you want to know more about these topics please visit:

ELLA will continue with capacity development initiatives by contributing to the Living Lakes Webinar Series.

If you want to know more about these webinars and register, please visit our: Webinar Series.

> Advocacy for European lakes and wetlands

Member organizations of ELLA have actively participated in consultation processes on EU and national policies with relevance for lakes and wetlands. Noteworthy is the engagement in the Nature Restoration Law campaign, the world’s first law to restore ecosystems as a crucial step to fight against habitat degradation and species extinction in Europe. In this way, ELLA has contributed to improving regulatory frameworks for the management and conservation of freshwater ecosystems and the use of their resources in different parts of Europe, a task that the association will continue to pursue through other policy advocacy related activities.

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