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Living Lakes Network launches training academy for young people with a passion for wetland conservation

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The Living Lakes Network, in cooperation with the Birkenfeld Environmental Campus of the Trier University of Applied Sciences (Germany), has launched an academy for lake managers. The Living Lakes Academy (LLA) is a unique opportunity to acquire the skills and practical experience needed to shape the future of the world’s lakes and wetlands, and to become part of a global network of changemakers.


Anyone interested is invited to participate in this free programme, which offers a flexible study or work-based curriculum where students can choose their own starting date. The Academy includes an internship to allow students to gain practical experience in conservation projects in Cambodia, Colombia, India, Malawi, Mexico, Philippines, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa or Sri Lanka.


LLA students will have a two-year timeframe to successfully complete the four modules. When finished, they will obtain a certificate from the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (UCB), a branch of the Trier University of Applied Sciences.


The aim is to provide students with applicable knowledge, information on current practical solutions, overarching policy frameworks and global actors in the field of lake, wetland and biodiversity management that are not usually a primary focus of universities.


With this programme, students can become part of the Living Lakes Alumni Network, and have priority access to career-changing events such as the Sustainability Leadership Journey (SLJ) – a unique platform to connect, collaborate, and empower the younger generation to thrive in sustainability leadership. Back in October 2023, the Philippines were the stage for the 2nd SLJ, and youth from Africa, Latin America and Asia attended the event. The next SLJ will take place in South Africa (2024) and Colombia (2025).

For students from ODA countries, economic support is available to participate in the Trainee Programme with Living Lakes partners. They could also get a fellowship to attend the Living Lakes Conference 2026 in India or other Living Lakes events.


LLA wants to reach candidates who have graduated in the past 5 years, or who are currently enrolled in Limnology, Biology, Agriculture, Forestry, Geography, Environmental Science, NGO Management, Sustainable Development, Politics, (Environmental) Law or related subjects. Candidates with less than 2 years’ experience in lake management or related jobs, such as environmental NGOs, local administration or (environmental) politics, are also eligible.


For more information, please contact or visit the website

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