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Lake Paliastomi

The Paliastomi Lake is located at next to the Georgian coast of the Black Sea, 10 km south-east of Poti City, at a sea level between. The Paliastomi Lake is the largest of over 40 other smaller lakes in the ecologically important and fragile Kolkheti Wetland complex, which for a mosaic of special freshwater habitats next to the sea.

What makes it special

Lake Paliastomi is the third largest lake in Georgia. At the same time, it is the lowest lake in Georgia and rich in fish. This place is unique for bird watching. The lake is one of the main stopping and overwintering places for migratory birds.

Protection status

· Ramsar Site 893, Wetland of International Importance
· National Park – Kolkhet
· IUCN Category II
· State Reserve - Kolkheti State Reserve

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The wetland area harbors many waterfowl, especially at the eastern coast of the Paliastomi Lake, rare endemic plants, and many water-associated amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. The fish species found in the lake are Sudak, Golden Grey Mullet, Perch, Goby, Pike, Rudd, Catfish, Common Carp, and fish from other lakes.

Local Communities

Lake Paliastomi has huge historical significance. Several archaeological discoveries have been were in the area, including the remains of the ancient Colchis.


Additionally to the high salinity and over-fishing, hunting as well as lacking regulation are the biggest problems, which strongly influence the situation at the lake.

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