Isologo sin bajada negativo

Juan José Ocola Salazar

Executive President of Autoridad Binacional Autónoma del Lago Titicaca (ALT).

Bachelor of Biological Sciences (with a Major in Fisheries).

Field of Expertise: 

– Environmental Management, Natural Resources and Biodiversity

– Water Resources Quality Management, Risk Management, Limnology, Pollutant Sources

– Water Resources Management, Water Use, Availability and Risks associated with the competitive allocation of water resources

– Resolution of Socio-Environmental Conflicts

– Environmental Impact Studies, Ecological Flow Studies.

Juan José is an expert in Environmental Management and Water Resources Management. He brings 30 years of deep expertise, with a strong focus on water quality, risk management, and limnology. His extensive experience spans pollution control, socio-environmental conflict resolution, and transboundary water management, particularly in the TDPS – Lake Titicaca basin, where he is dedicated to improving binational cooperation between Peru and Bolivia.

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