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Deh Akro II Wetlands Complex

The Deh Akro Wetlands Complex, located in the southeast of Pakistan, is up made of 36 lakes and includes four major habitat types: desert, wetland, marsh and agricultural land. Together the lakes cover an area of 50 km², the single lakes surfaces vary between 7,5 km² and 0,4 km². In addition, depth varies between 15 m and 2 m. The whole complex extends over 205 km². The water of only five lakes has drinking water quality; the water of the other 31 lakes is brackish and therefore too salty for human consumption.

What makes it special

The wetland complex with the mosaic of different habitats is a unique example of desert wetland ecosystem that hosts a variety of rare and endangered wildlife species.

Protection status

· Ramsar Site 1283, Wetland of International Importance
· Wildlife Sanctuary

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Deh Akro-II wetland is home to more than 18 species of mammals, 16 species of reptiles, 14 species of fish and 101 different birds and regularly supports over 20.000 water birds. You can even find here a small population of Marsh Crocodiles. The wetland is an important feeding and spawning ground for several indigenous fish species. The desert is characterized by sand dunes with herbs/shrubs and trees. The agricultural land comprises patches of irrigated agricultural fields lying adjacent to the desert


The ecological character of the area faces significant threats, including the destruction and degradation of wetland habitat from unsustainable use and over-exploitation of natural resources by local/indigenous communities. Other challenges include depletion of species abundance and diversity, water scarcity during prolonged dry spells, illegal hunting, grazing, fuel wood collection, and encroachment over sanctuary lands.

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