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Daniel Mwakameka

Executive Director of Action for Environmental Sustainability (AfES).

PhD in Development Studies.

Field of Expertise: 

– Environmental Non Governmental Organizations Management, Partnership and Networking in Africa

– Indigenous Community Based Natural Resources Management, Biodiversity Conservation and Governance, including free and prior informed consent (FPIC) process

– Climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience, including carbon projects designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (Gold Standard)

– Community Development and Alternative Livelihoods

– Small holder Farming Associations and Sustainable Agriculture

Daniel is a passionate ecologist and conservationist with a distinctive blend of African and global insights to the environmental NGO sector, and a rich history of founding and leading an organization to execute impactful projects. His expertise in donor relations is vast, managing diverse funds from prestigious bodies worldwide. Daniel is dedicated to sharing his extensive experience for greater environmental good.

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